Kenny Chen 👋

Welcome! I am a Research Scientist Intern at Meta and an incoming first year Computer Science PhD student at New York University where I am currently advised by Prof. Qi Sun in the Immersive Computing Lab.

I graduated with a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, where I pursued research under Prof. Carlo H. Séquin. I was also a TA for Computer Graphics & Imaging, and VP of Tech at Innovative Design.

Outside work, I like taking photos, swimming, and playing video games.

Feel free to reach out about research or anything else!

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News 📰
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Our collaboration with UofR was accepted to ASPLOS 2024! 08 2023
Our work during my internship at Cesium was accepted as a poster to SCA. 06
I started an internship at Meta in the Applied Perception Science team w/ Alex Chapiro. 06
One conference paper and an E-Tech demo accepted to SIGGRAPH 2023! 05
I finished my masters at NYU. 05

Timeline 📅

Research 👨🏽‍🔬

My current research interests intersect computer graphics, VR/AR, applied perception, and displays.
(Representative papers are highlighted, *=equal contribution)

Exploiting Human Color Discrimination for Memory- and Energy-Efficient Image Encoding in Virtual Reality
Nisarg Ujjainkar, Ethan Shahan, Kenneth Chen, Budmonde Duinkharjav, Qi Sun, Yuhao Zhu

A DRAM traffic compression scheme using peripheral color modulation.

Toward Optimized VR/AR Ergonomics: Modeling and Predicting User Neck Muscle Contraction
Yunxiang Zhang, Kenneth Chen, Qi Sun
SIGGRAPH 2023 | Conference Proceedings

Leveraging electromyography devices, we developed a model to predict the neck muscular workload associated with VR/AR experiences before their deployment.

Color-Perception-Guided Display Power Reduction for Virtual Reality
Budmonde Duinkharjav*, Kenneth Chen*, Abhishek Tyagi, Jiayi He, Yuhao Zhu, Qi Sun
SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 | ACM Transactions on Graphics 41(6)

Our color-perception-guided model preserves visual fidelity while saving up to 24% battery usage of OLED VR displays. We achieve this by subtly shifting the pixel colors in the peripheral vision.

Towards Learning and Generating Audience Motion from Video
Kenneth Chen, Norman I. Badler
SCA 2023 | ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, Poster

A dataset of audience videos.

Imperceptible Color Modulation for Power Saving in VR/AR
Kenneth Chen, Budmonde Duinkharjav, Nisarg Ujjainkar, Ethan Shahan, Abhishek Tyagi, Jiayi He, Yuhao Zhu, Qi Sun
SIGGRAPH 2023 | Emerging Technologies

A demo of the display setup and model from our SIGGRAPH Asia '22 paper.

Teaching 🍎
CS-GY 6313: Data Visualization, NYU
Spring 2023

Course Assistant
CS-GY 6533 A: Interactive Computer Graphics, NYU
Fall 2021

Course Assistant
CS 184: Computer Graphics & Imaging, UC Berkeley
Spring 2021

Undergraduate Student Instructor
CS 194-26: Intro to Computer Vision and Computational Photography, UC Berkeley
Fall 2020

Group Tutor & Reader

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